List of hat styles

The beret hat was borrowed from military dress. It was a pancake flat, round, felt hat perched on a narrow band. It sat flat on the head or at a slight angle. The beret shape created many styles of hats in both felt and straw for high and low fashion.

Also known as a plis or qylaf. Usually has a button centered on top. A woven cap, typical of Chiloé Archipelago , that is made of coarse raw wool and usually topped by a pom-pom.

May 28,  · 7 girls from our boards discuss the pull out method. More in Boards. GO. Here are 20 style tips on how to wear baseball hats this summer: 1. The best way to wear your hat is at an actual baseball game. Paired with a t-shirt dress and sneakers, it’s .
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14 Different Styles Of Hats That Will Help You Start Your Own Legacy — Because Millinery Is Not Dead. By Melodi Erdogan. Jan 22 CARL DE SOUZA/AFP/Getty Images.
Different styles of hats are usually nothing more than variations in the sizes and shapes of the brim and crown. There are a few outliers (soft flat caps, for example), but most classic hat styles .
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The style dates back to the turn of the 20th century, but in the 21st century it saw a revival as a youth style, particularly in music culture. It has the same creased crown, but without the pinches at the sides, and the brim is stiffer and has a slightly upturned lip all the way around. This is still the go-to dress hat of businessmen, politicians, and other well-to-do gentlemen in the western world. A shorter style and therefore a good one for men who are already tall , a porkpie has a flattened top without a crease down the center.

It is pinched at the sides like a fedora, creating a slightly triangular or wedge-shaped front. The brim is usually small, and turned up around the edge.

The two names mean the same thing: Pop culture has made the bowler hat into a stuffy British icon, but its origins are working-class, and it is considered less formal than styles like the homburg and the fedora. Broadly speaking, Western hats are high-crowned, wide-brimmed hats. The origins of the style are practical, but these days fine felt cowboy hats with the Stetson brand leading the way are just as much a fashion piece as anything else.

Confusingly, Panama hats come from Ecuador they were shipped to Panama to be sold to sailors and workers on the Panama Canal in the early 20th century, and the name stuck. Which of these outfit ideas is your favorite? How do you wear baseball hats?

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Here are 20 style tips on how to wear baseball hats this summer: Stumped on what to do with your hair? A braid is always a good option. Worn as part of academic dress. Traditionally, when worn during graduation ceremonies, the new graduates switch the tassel from one side to the other at the conclusion of the ceremony.

Hat with a distinctly downward-facing brim similar to the shape of a mushroom or toadstool. Popular from the s, but particularly associated with the Edwardian era and Dior 's "New Look". Round, rolled wool hat with a flat top, common in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Also known as astrakhan hat in English, a male wool hat worn throughout the Caucasus. A conical hat, similar to the Dunce cap, often worn at birthday parties and New Year's Eve celebrations. It is frequently emblazoned with bright patterns or messages.

Also known as a field cap, a scout cap, or in the United States a mosh cap. A woman's hat resembling an upturned fruit basket. Usually lavishly trimmed, it achieved notoriety in the early s. A military style cap with a flat sloping crown, band and peak also called a visor. It is used by many militaries of the world as well as law enforcement, as well as some people in service professions who wear uniforms.

A soft conical cap pulled forward. In sculpture, paintings and caricatures it represents freedom and the pursuit of liberty. The popular cartoon characters The Smurfs wear white Phrygian caps. Also known as a Gainsborough hat and garden hat, this is an elaborate women's design with a wide brim. A pilgrim's hat, cockel hat or traveller's hat is a wide brim hat used to keep off the sun.

It is highly associated with pilgrims on the Way of St. The upturned brim of the hat is adorned with a scallop shell to denote the traveller's pilgrim status. A small hat with straight, upright sides, a flat crown , and no brim. A lightweight rigid cloth-covered helmet made of cork or pith, with brims front and back. Worn by Europeans in tropical colonies in the s. A lightweight straw hat, with a wide brim, a round crown and narrow round dent on the outside of the top of the crown.

A white brimless felt cap traditionally worn by Albanians. Also known as a plis or qylaf. A tall, round, usually crocheted and brightly colored, cap worn by Rastafarians and others with dreadlocks to tuck their locks away. A floppy pointed red hat trimmed in white fur traditionally associated with Christmas. A fur hat worn by married Hassidic men on Shabbat and holidays. Generic term covering wide-brimmed felt-crowned hats often worn by military leaders.

Less fancy versions can be called bush hats. A Mexican hat with a conical crown and a very wide, saucer-shaped brim, highly embroidered made of plush felt. A cap widely worn in Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, the southern Philippines and southern Thailand, mostly among Muslim males. May be related to the taqiyah. A traditional form of collapsible oilskin rain hat that is longer in the back than the front to protect the neck fully.

A gutter front brim is sometimes featured. Also known as a "Cowboy Hat". A high-crowned, wide-brimmed hat, with a sweatband on the inside, and a decorative hat band on the outside. Customized by creasing the crown and rolling the brim.

Also known as a beaver hat , a magician's hat, or, in the case of the tallest examples, a stovepipe or pipestove hat. A tall, flat-crowned, cylindrical hat worn by men in the 19th and early 20th centuries, now worn only with morning dress or evening dress. Cartoon characters Uncle Sam and Mr. Monopoly are often depicted wearing such hats. Once made from felted beaver fur. A soft felt men's hat with a deeply indented crown and a narrow brim often upturned at the back.

A soft hat with a low crown and broad brim, pinned up on either side of the head and at the back, producing a triangular shape. Worn by Europeans in the 18th century. Larger, taller, and heavily ornamented brims were present in France and the Papal States. Similar to a baseball cap, usually with a foam brim and front section and a breathable mesh back section.

A round, slightly pointed cap with embroidered or applique patterns worn throughout Central Asia.

Girls’ Hats and Caps. Girls who love to accessorize, or who just need coverage from the weather, will be thrilled by Amazon’s assortment of the latest fedoras, berets, baseball caps, sun hats, visors, bucket hats, Western styles, and more. rows · List of hat styles. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This is a list of various kinds of hat, . HATS BY STYLE (A-Z) Accessories. Ascot Caps. Baby and Toddlers. Baseball Caps. Beanies. Berets - Men. Berets - Women. Big Size Hats - 2XL & 3XL. Bowler Hats. Bucket Hats.