Wrangler ProGear® REALTREE XTRA® Black Thermal Lined Camo Jean

Women’s Shorts from r0nd.tk Whether you’re looking for a casual pair of cut-offs for a summer by the beach, or a crisp pair of belted, khaki shorts for warm-weather versatility and polish, you can find a wide selection of women’s shorts at r0nd.tk in a great selection of .

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Find your perfect look with our high waisted, jean, and soft shorts for women. Express has your classic denim, high waisted, flare, lace, drawstring, plush, distressed, cutoff, pleated, lace trim, and more. Each one offers a new opportunity for a stunning outfit.
Cutoffs + Denim Shorts for Women. Cutoff shorts are the epitome of relaxed casual-cool. They add a whole new dimension of grungy chic to any piece in your wardrobe due to their distressed washes, super short raw hems, and well-worn, tomboy flavor.
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Juniors' Authentic Short

Comments about Wrangler ProGear® REALTREE XTRA® Black Thermal Lined Camo Jean. I purchase these pants and put a heavy base layer under them, the temperature was 7 degrees, I walked 5 miles and realized that I had over dressed.

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My wife wants a pair since she sees how much I like mine. What is the insulation material? ProGear PG camo insulated pants 34" waist x 36" inseam: Having difficulty finding these. I really enjoy them! I need these in 38x34 do you make them in this size?? If so when will they be back in stock?? I just ordered two pair 38X34 and got them quickly.

You can check back around July of this year as we should have the 38x34 in stock. Why are you calling it tall? Looks like it's just "big" sizes.: A 32" inseam is not tall. I'd cheerfully buy these camo jeans if they were available with a 36" inseam and a 40" waist.

I am sorry for the confusion. Our website displays big sizes and tall sizes in the same tab. For the most part, tall sizes begin at a 38" inseam for our products. This pant is not available in a 38" inseam, so only the big sizes are featured on the tab.

Unfortunately, we only offer the 36" inseam in waists up to 38". However, it's important that we understand your needs as we continue to develop products in the future. Therefore, I've passed along your comments to the product team for their review. Ask a question Do you have a question about this product? Add a black and silver Wrangler patch to your wardrobe.

It features distressed detail on the watch pocket. It's available in a range of dark finishes. Made in the USA

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