Mr. Purple

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Originally when I was in my pre-namenerds phase, I named this cat Brittles no clue where that came from. They have held up tugging, drooling and the occasional nibble quite well and are washed just like you would any cotton item. Older kids could use it to make a simple soft toy with white felt and a white pompom tail! Hello Kitty purple peace.

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Valentine's Day Math Center Place Value Chart Puzzle By Miss Giraffe Valentine's Day place value puzzle - an engaging Valentine's Day math station where students use 56 mini task cards to identify and color numbers on a chart that are represented by base 10 blocks.
Buy Ty Beanie Boos from Plush Friends. Shop for Ty Beanie Boos collection and big eyed stuffed animals.
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To create this crochet cat you need only basic skills and a little time. The Free Crochet Cat Pattern is very simple (the body and legs are crocheted as a single part) .

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Cat Valentine and Stuffed Purple Giraffe - Cat has a stuffed purple giraffe in the episode 'The Blonde Squad'. Mr. Purple is Cat's purple giraffe stuffed animal who appeared in The Gorilla Club. He is one of three stuffed giraffes to appear in Victorious, the other two being Kenan Thompson 's stuffed giraffe which he gave to André, and the second being Mr. Long-Neck. Mr. Purple is Cat Valentine's purple stuffed giraffe. He appeared on Victorious in the episodes "The Gorilla Club," "The Blonde Squad," "One Thousand Berry Balls", and "Star Spangled Tori".